For candidates

We are looking for the best minds for the most exciting companies.

Capital Recruiting is the career partner who stays by your side

Our work does not end with contract signature. We run active career management and accompany your professional development.

Get to know our 3-step model for candidates:


Step 1: Personality analysis

Who are you and what are you particularly good at?

In stage 1, we are delimiting those companies that fit well with you and show development perspectives.


Step 2: Preparation phase

How does the application process work?

With the help of our detailed market overview and our contacts to relevant company decision-makers, we help you to successfully position your application profile. At the same time, we prepare you for the job interviews. We develop a plan for upcoming application processes and discuss all relevant details about the respective offers.


Step 3: Job interview and successful placement

What happens after the interview and what are the terms of the offer?

Capital Recruiting gives feedback and hints for improvement before and after your interview. If you do not get an offer, we will discuss possible causes with you. We also support you in administrative matters, e.g. obtaining necessary work permits (e.g. blue card, etc.).

We prepare you for salary and contractual negotiations and ensure that a satisfactory result is achieved for all parties involved.